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“On the bulletin board in the Narthex.”

“After the service, in the Narthex”

You’ve probably heard the word “Narthex” many times, and you probably know where it is – outside the Sanctuary – but what exactly is a Narthex, anyway?

A Narthex, according to Wikipedia, is:

…an architectural element typical of early Christian and Byzantine basilicas or churches consisting of the entrance or lobby area, usually located at the west end of the nave, opposite the church’s main altar. Traditionally the narthex was a part of the church building, but was not considered part of the church proper. It is either an indoor area separated from the nave by a screen or rail, or an external structure such as a porch.


the purpose of the narthex was to allow those not eligible for admittance into the general congregation (particularly catechumens and penitents) to hear and partake in the service.

Today, of course, it’s just the antechamber to our Sanctuary and where we greet each other before and after the services. You can read more at the Wikipedia link above!