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Recycle at Trinity Tower


Continue to bring in your granola bar/power bar wrappers for our recycling program. Accepted wrappers include any foil-lined bar wrappers: granola, meal replacement, protein, and energy bars. We will earn one cent per wrapper. You can put your granola bar wrappers in the basket on the narthex table.


You can also continue to bring in your items for our “Natural Care” recycling effort. Accepted waste includes mouthwash bottles and caps, deodorant containers and caps, toothpaste-tubes and caps, soap packing, floss containers, and toothbrushes. (Shampoo bottles are NOT part of this collection.) TerraCycle will give us 2 cents per item. Please note: accepted soap packaging is the plastic wrap found on some soap bars. They do not accept cardboard box wrapper. Look for a container downstairs beside the Shining Arrow aluminum can recycling bin.


PLEASE remember that the following items are NOT recyclable, and should not be placed in the recycling bin in the kitchen:

  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic lids (most are NOT recyclable–please check the lid for recyclable symbol)
  • Paper napkins
  • Containers with food on them
  • Wax-coated containers

We hope you will continue to recycle:

  • Any plastic containers, #1– #6 (rinsed clean & lid removed please)
  • Glass containers (rinsed clean please)\Cardboard
  • Steel cans
  • Dry food boxes