Outreach Council


We have many projects we support.  Just take a look around our narthex to see the collection boxes.  Here are just a few notes:

Lost and Found Pharmacy 11555 Frankstown Rd,  Pittsburgh, PA, 15235

Blessing Board
Penn Hills Service Association
Military Connections

Clothing Bin For Missions

The Missions and Outreach team has arranged for our church to have on its property an outside bin for collecting clothing and shoes. We will be working with the group called Mission Partners who will supply the bin which collects gently used clothing, shoes, belts and hats to be distributed and processed to help our world. Mission Partners will even return a portion of any proceeds it may get from such items to our church mission fund.

The bin has been placed in the corner of the upper parking lot and the Trustees have authorized it.

Fair Trade: Economic action to create a just global economy

Why Fair Trade? Fair Trade products often come with a higher price tag, but that higher price ensures that the workers are paid a decent wage.

  • Fair Trade purchases support farmers by ensuring a fair price for their products providing a living wage for the workers.
  • Fair Trade cooperatives reinvest in the people and communities in which they are located.
  • Their farming practices promote environmental sustainability.

Your purchases of fair trade coffee, tea, and chocolates help promote justice. Give voice to your faith through your wallet!

Please note that prices have changed for our fair trade products.