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Penn Hills Clergy Association is sponsoring two special discussions based on writings from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Letters From a Birmingham Jail. These letters were compiled during a time when Dr. King wrote about issues similar to those facing our world today. Our discussion time will focus on reaction and how the writings apply today. Two pastors of the Penn Hills Community will reflect on Dr. King’s words, then a discussion Forum coordinated by Rev. Dale Reese will follow.

The two dates chosen for these special discussions are February 18th and March 18th. The events will be held Sunday afternoons from 4:00-5:00pm.

Week 1 February 18th Host Church: Beulah Presbyterian Church
Reflectors: Rev. Jim Hunt and Rev. Dennis Theophilis Orsen. Text: Galatians 3:28 & Genesis 1:27
We Are Interdependent. Recognizing the struggle is not only economic and political, but personal.

Week 2 March 18th Host Church: First Baptist Church in Penn Hills
Reflectors: Rev. Linda Theophilis and Rev. Jerry Craig. Text: Luke 10:25-37
How do we not let the complex issues of injustice and the difficulties encountered by the oppressed become a disguise for covering latent racism?