Help for Ukraine & Disaster Response


Help for Ukraine:
Pastor Volodymyr Prokip, pastor of a campus ministry in L’viv, Ukraine, has provided an update on February 28, about conditions there. Located 50 miles from Poland border, many stop there before heading on if they can head on.  To help support this ministry, our church will collect funds to send to the crisis committee set-up through Global Ministries’ Advance #14053A Eurasia In Mission Together – Ukraine and Moldova  You may give a donation through our church by placing money in an envelope marked Help for Ukraine.

UMCOR Disaster Relief

If you desire to give funds to help in the relief of the natural disasters that have been occurring these past few months, here is how you can help through your church:  Make checks out to Trinity Tower UMC, and write UMCOR in the memo line. Put check in a pew envelope marked UMCOR and send to the church office.

As a United Methodist Church, we have access to one of the best organizations that helps people in this world:  UMCOR.

UMCOR is the fund our church used to collect money to help people who had experienced a disaster anywhere in the world.  UMCOR provides training and coordination of mission teams to go into areas in three phases:  Disaster assessment teams, disaster response teams, and disaster recovery teams.  The first two are sent in as soon as possible, assessing damage and getting a response to crisis needs of clearing debris and doing safety & health care.  Recovery teams go in later (like our annual church team) to assist in the recovery process of a region that can last years.

All funds received go to helping workers make a difference in a disaster impacted area.  (No administrative costs are taken from funds given, as our church “Apportioned  Mission Share” dollars from regular giving covers administrative workers.)

Your gifts…

  • Allow UMCOR workers and volunteers to be among the first to arrive and the last to leave when people are in need.
  • Provide for emergency grants after a disaster.
  • Relieve hunger and help communities have a sustainable source of food.
  • Bring emergency supplies to communities devastated by storms or floods.

Your gift, joined with the gifts of others, makes a significant impact in the lives of individuals and communities. And when you give through the Advance, 100% of your gift goes to serve others in the way that you choose.