Posted by trinitytower

Our church has made a decision to have any month with a 5th Sunday be a Combined Worship Service Sunday. Our first one will be on May 29th. We will move the worship service time to 10:00 am on that day. (Mark your calendar so you don’t forget.)

The hope of the combined worship service is to allow unity in that day to be a focus. We hope people will blend together in sitting with people from the other service. We hope people will appreciate the different music styles, and we hope that we truly celebrate what it means to be unified as a family serving our Lord Jesus Christ together.

One note about the time. We chose 10:00am so if by chance someone forgets and comes at 9:00am, they can just wait for a bit and fellowship. And if a person forgets and arrives for the 10:30 time, they will not have missed too much of the service.

Please know, our vision for these Combined Service special worship days is to be a time of celebration for the many ways God inspires and unifies us in our church life together.