March 8    Seeking Treasure? Seek God’s Ways     Matthew 13:44-46    

When we find the Pearl of great price, we can face life in a world God made, with the strength He supplies.  We can live a life that matters.

March 15   Learning to Give Thankfully   Matthew 14:13-21

Living with a thankful heart helps us reach out in mission and ministry.  And with Jesus involved as we reach out to help, our effort will be multiplied dramatically!

March 22   Where Are the Real Christians?   Matthew 21:28-32

When we claim to be a Christian, people should know it not merely by our words but by our deeds as well.

March 29  Blessings Disguised   Matthew 25:31-46

Blessings we receive and blessings we do, are not always obvious. Many come disguised and yet God multiplies their effect as we faithfully live.

April 5   Palm Sunday The Many Layers of Palm Sunday Matthew 21:1-11

There are many layers of the Holy Week experience, seen in a capsule form by Palm Sunday happenings.  Hosanna and palm waving moves to abandonment and a crucify cry.  But that is not the final word.  The final word we hear next week when the whispers begin.  He is risen.

April 12  Easter Nothing There, and All Is Well     Matthew 28:1-10      

There is a special message when one realizes the power of: there is nothing here to fear.  All is well.  Go and God will guide.