Date Sermon Title Scripture verse
Lent Sermon series: On the Road With Jesus Mark 9 & 10
April 2 From Surviving to Thriving Mark 10:46-52
To move from surviving to thriving, we must learn to minimize the negative voices around us, and listen for Jesus’ guidance for healing and wholeness.
April 9 Palm Sunday: So You Want to Worship Do You? Mark 11:15-19
Worship is actually easy for us, partly because Jesus made it so. But since it is easy, do we neglect the importance of really worshipping?
April 13 Maundy Thursday: Rev. Paul Taylor, Pittsburgh District Superintendent preaching.
April 16 Easter: Jesus Is More than a Memory Mark 16:1-8
We cannot be content to sit around and talk all about Jesus, as if He were only a historical person of the past, a memory. Jesus is alive and wants to meet us, personally.
April 23 Youth Sunday
April 30 Wake Up and Feel the Easter Power Philippians 3:4-11
Consider and pray about what risk do I need to overcome to be able to share with others about how the Easter power makes for living a better life.
May 7
May 14 Women in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Matthew 9:18-26, Romans 16:1-7
May 21 What About Him, Lord? John 21:15-21
Paying attention to what God wants us to do; not what other people are to do.