Date Sermon Title Scripture verse
January 21, 2018 Jim Fink preaching John 3
January 28 Jenn Jackson preaching: “The Well, Then and Now” John 4
February 4 Imagine Yourself at the Feet of Jesus John 7:53-8:11
The gospel of Jesus is the gospel of the second chance. It is not a second chance that is given easily. We receive that grace when we fall down at the feet of Jesus
February 11 God’s Love is Expressed in Practical Ways John 5:1-15
February 14 Ash Wednesday – Lent Chocolate and Bread John 6:31-40
Sermon series: The ‘I Am’ Statements of Jesus
February 18 I Am the Light of the World John 9:1-12
February 25 I Am the Gate for the Sheep John 10:1-10
March 4 I am the Good Shepherd John 10:11-18
March 11 I Am the Vine John 15:1-8
March 18 I Am the Way the Truth and the Life John 14:1-7
March 25 I Am He (that you are looking for) John 18:1-8