Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces

March 2019

From time to time I get flyers from some church growth companies suggesting post cards to use to
send to the community to get people to try our church. (Some of the ones about Easter I thought
might be very effective.) One I saw this year has the front of the card showing a roadside billboard
with the phrase: “Faith is a journey, not a guilt trip.” The idea of the card was to help the church
encourage people to join us even if they were struggling with their faith, and especially if they had
experienced church and faith in a negative way in the past.

I am not sure how effective these post card are in having people try the church. (I did use this type
thing one time at a previous church and we had no visitors from the post card.) But what I do know
about such cards with interesting sayings, is that they can be thought provoking for many of us who
are walking the Christian walk.

This month we begin the season of Lent. Often in the past, I have thought of the time as a Lenten
journey. So this post card reminded me that we walk the metaphorical Lenten journey every year
alongside Jesus of Nazareth. Some of us have walked it so many times it would seem as though
we could do it with our eyes closed. But some will walk it intentionally for the first time this year and
do so with eyes wide open, taking in the sights and sounds that lead us from Ash Wednesday to the
Cross and the Empty Tomb.

In considering this, I decided the sermons for Lent would feature stories of Jesus which occurred at
the lakeshore of Galilee. I hope that you will join us in the Lenten journey of reading through the
stories of Jesus. I find when I re-commit to my bible reading during Lent, I always am inspired by
new insight for living.

To close this month’s column, let me share some of the other thought-provoking post cards to
maybe assist you in the thought-provoking Christian journey. These come from



Pastor Dale Reese