Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces

MAY 2018

As I write this, it is hard to believe that before too long summer will be upon us. Of course, summer means special fun memories like trips to see friends and trips to new locations … but it also means Vacation Bible School! As you know, VBS is one of our church’s primary ministries and is a very significant part of our Children’s Ministry. While our church has a powerful outreach to our community as can easily be seen from all the boxes around the Narthex, every year we see new children have a chance to get connected with God’s love and could become connected with Trinity Tower Church. This VBS week is a time when we share together in this powerful week of spiritual formation and an opportunity to hear the wonderful news of life in Jesus Christ.

One challenge I bring to you for this year has to do with how you can support the VBS program. We, of course, need volunteers to serve and run the fun programming, and surely I encourage that. But here is a second way of support you can bring to the program: how about committing yourself to be intentional in your prayer for the kids and staff who will be participating in our VBS program? When I say intentional, I mean praying for the time with more than just a “Oh yes, and God, help the VBS this year to go well,” prayed on the Sunday before the week of VBS starts. Be intentional by praying every day in June, including the days after VBS concludes. Yes, those are the days when some of the families and kids who participated may need prayer all the more, for the lessons to take hold and perhaps for them to find a church home and connection to Jesus Christ.

See, I believe in intentional prayers as being focused prayer. I know God works in many splendid, mysterious, and powerful ways and even honors those prayers that come just a day before an event. But I also know and have experienced God’s power when I am more intentional with my prayer life having more of a focus as seen in such texts as James 5: 13-16. Yes that section of scripture is about the church in prayer for people who are sick but more so for all the programming churches are involved with. See, a key factor in that section has to do with church leaders called to pray together in unity. So yes, my hope is you can be intentional this month in your prayers for our children’s programming including our VBS programming. As James 5:16 informs us, such prayers can be powerful and effective.


Pastor Dale Reese