Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces

August 2017

How much time do you spend thinking about the next venture you will be going on, or the next good happening you will be attending? If you are like me, you know a great deal of our life is spent planning. We plan for events that are approaching. We plan for our next vacation. We plan for that party or family gathering that is coming up. Reality is, in life, we often are preparing for the next big event. Even in my church life, scarcely have I planned a worship service, written a sermon, or prepared for some meeting that I am not thinking about another one looming up behind it that needs my consideration.

I bring all this up because sometimes all this future thinking distracts us from the special moment we are in. Or as I have heard it put, the “Holy Now.” This term refers to the fact that this moment, this time, this place where we are currently at, has holy value. We don’t know what may happen ten minutes from now; all we know is that we have this moment. And God joins us in this moment. Reality is, the “Holy Now” is really all that any of us have. We have now. And we have the people who inhabit our “now.” We have this day to cherish, the blessings of this moment to appreciate, the challenges of this moment to confront, and the people who inhabit “now” to love as best we can.

So I hope you have some good summer plans, or that you have enjoyed some good summer activities already. Treasure those and look forward to those, but do not neglect the moment you have now. Recognize God wants to talk and share with you about the regular times of life, and even any moments of planning. Live in the “Holy Now” as best you can. Such times make for special sharing with God.


Pastor Dale Reese