Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces

Summer 2019

Boy, am I looking forward to going to the beach this summer.”   Do those words or similar words sound familiar?  Of course it is not always the beach, but it can be any of many activities that get planned:  a trip, a conference, somebody visiting, a family gathering.  We can often look forward to some happening that is planned for our lives.  I know I hear them all the time, many times from my own mouth.  It is fun to look forward to some of the good things of life:  places, activities or people which are truly considered blessings from God.

My guess is that many of you have some wonderful activities planned for summer or some wonderful people who may be coming to visit (or you the see them).  That is good.  Now let me ask you a question about your planning for these blessed times:  As you have been planning, have you turned them over to God in prayer?  As one who is a planner and organizer, let me say that prayer is an important part of the planning process.

I mention this not because I see prayer as some magic way to make the activities better, but because when we pray, we can have guidance about the matter.  Of course when we pray, we can gain insight on how we might make the time better.  Additionally, we obtain a sense of peace and recognition that God is with us in our life.  This knowledge is special and in many ways is its own blessing.

So as you head into summer, I encourage you to spend time in prayer knowing that God wants to bless you in the times you are planning.


Pastor Dale Reese