Bible Study

On Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm during Lent, Pastor Dale will be leading a Bible study called Getting The Most Out Of Jesus’ Final Week. Reference book is called Jesus’ Final Week by Cindy Bunch. (It begins on February 24)

Here is the proposed study schedule:

Feb 24 Palm Sunday Sunday/Monday: Triumphal Entry & Clearing the Temple – Mark 11:11-19

March 3 Tuesday: Teaching at the Mount of Olives – Matthew 24:1-31

March 10 Thursday: The Last Supper Matthew 26:17-30 

March 17 Thursday: Betrayal Arrest – Mark 14:43-72

March 24 Friday: Trial – John 18:28—19:16

March 31 Friday: Crucifixion – Matthew 27

April 7 Sunday: Resurrection – Luke 24:1-43

Following Lent, we will pick up the final 6 weeks of the Fruits of the Spirit Zoom Bible study on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm.

If you want to join, contact Dale and he can send you the link.   Send him an e-mail request to either his regular account, or to