Trustees News

Update on Trustee Projects

As October begins, the companies we have lined-up to do two of our improvement projects will be seen working around the church.

For the painting and carpet project, they will begin with painting the sanctuary, then the Narthex, and finally the back hall. Then when painting is complete, the carpets will be cleaned.

Additionally the roofing project is to begin. New shingles will be placed over the Narthex and original portion of the church. Then new shingles will be placed on the roof over the Office, Library, Nursery addition.

Trustee Work Day

Each Fall and Spring the Board of Trustees plans a day to fix some aspects of our church property. We ask for dedicated members to join us for a morning of work. This year our work will includes caring for outside items that need spruced up, trimmed, cleared out, etc. If it rains, we have had painting projects, and cleaning out storage spaces to do.

This year we have set Saturday, October 7 for this day. We begin around 9:00am.

The Five Projects:

  1. Paint the interior of the church (not done in over 18 years)
  2. Clean all carpets (not sure when this was last done)
  3. Replace the shingled roof on office portion of building and replace flashing on sanctuary roof.
  4. Replace glazing and improve the sanctuary windows
  5. Install flat screen monitors in sanctuary to replace existing screen and projector. (COMPLETE!)

John Maffeo, Jr.
Chairman of the Trustees