Trustees News

Update on Trustee Projects

So, as anyone has seen over the early weeks of November, a lot has been happening around the church. The roofing project has been completed. Interestingly, one trustee noted that the amount of roof space being completed was the equivalent to six houses. But we will be set for years to come with the church gable roofs. We thank Capone and Rowe who completed this work.

As for the painting of the Sanctuary, that too has been completed. This was a time consuming project and the painters got into more extensive repair on the bulkheads due to water damage from the roof leak that happened over 10 years ago. When Cory Services completed that project, they then completed cleaning all the carpets in the upstairs of the church.

So in notation about the four projects which we began the year informing you about and asking for your financial support, we were able to complete three of the projects. We completed the update to the projection system in the sanctuary (paid for by an individual); completed the replacement of all the gable roofs; and completed the painting of the Sanctuary, Narthex and upstairs hallway, including the cleaning of all carpets. We were not able to replace the windows and casements in the sanctuary as our money has been used up. That project (along with others on the Trustee list) will remain open and only be completed as funds become available.

As an aside, the Trustees continue to do much in regular maintenance of the property. We are attempting to do get a new power source to the roadside sign for the church. There are also many electrical, plumbing, and heating needs being addressed. It takes a lot to maintain a facility the size of our church. We thank you for your continued support through the pink envelope fund.

The Five Projects:

  1. Paint the interior of the church (COMPLETE!)
  2. Clean all carpets (COMPLETE!)
  3. Replace the shingled roof on office portion of building and replace flashing on sanctuary roof.(COMPLETE!)
  4. Replace glazing and improve the sanctuary windows
  5. Install flat screen monitors in sanctuary to replace existing screen and projector. (COMPLETE!)

John Maffeo, Jr.
Chairman of the Trustees