Trustees News

Update on Trustees Projects

If you have been in the Church Sanctuary the past couple of weeks, you hopefully have noticed that we have completed the installation of the flat screen monitors that will replace the white screen and projector that has been used the past 10 or so years. Over the past several years, the projector’s performance has decreased to the point that it has become very difficult to see images on the screen. We anticipate these new screens will enhance our worship experience for many years.

This completes the first of our five major projects that Trustees are trying to get done this year (see below).

We are continuing to seek out competitive pricing on the other projects and hope to have competitive numbers on all the work soon so we can award and schedule the contractors.

On the financing side, we are still asking for you to consider some additional contributions to help pay for these projects. We have received some special donations for this work, but it is still short of what we expect to pay for these improvements.

Thanks for your help as we continue to improve our facility.

The Five Projects:

  1. Paint the interior of the church (not done in over 18 years)
  2. Clean all carpets (not sure when this was last done)
  3. Replace the shingled roof on office portion of building and replace flashing on sanctuary roof.
  4. Replace glazing and improve the sanctuary windows
  5. Install flat screen monitors in sanctuary to replace existing screen and projector. (COMPLETE!)

John Maffeo, Jr.
Chairman of the Trustees