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Reflect, Renew and Reevaluate

By the time you receive this newsletter, school will be in full operation. For most of my life, this time of the year meant back to school: as a young child, a teenager, a college student, a teacher and finally as a school administrator. It was a time (during each season of my life) when I would reflect on the year that had passed, reevaluate its strengths/weaknesses and renew my goals for the upcoming year. As I think about our Caring Ministries, and particularly the Shepherds, I would like to share some candid thoughts and hear your input on how you think it’s going and how we can improve our programs.

Trinity Tower has many caring ministries: Shepherds: Car Teddy Bears, Card Ministry, Daffodil Days, Home Touch Mailing, Personal visits and/or phone calls, Grief Booklet Ministry, Pillow Ministry, Prayer Shawls, Prayer Chain, Prayer Team Email, Sunday Announcements, Teddy Bear Ministry, and Welcome Stand. Other Caring Ministries are the N.O.W. (Nurture, Outreach, and Witness) Ministry, the W.O.W. (Women of Wisdom) Ministry, and Funeral luncheons.

Some of those groups are fairly new, and some have been in operation for a long time. As the coordinator of the Shepherds, I would like to share my sincere thoughts moving forward. I feel like the groups are similar to “putting on an old pair of comfy shoes.” By that I mean that things within the groups are comfortable and the groups “work.” And that’s good! We care for others, mostly by sending cards, and those who receive those cards are most appreciative. They love getting cards! I know we care in many other ways too, but I think the Shepherds group could be even more. We need new shoes! Look at the various ministries in which the Shepherds participate. Are they working as well they could/should? I don’t think so. We need new shoes! How about it? If you’ve been ill, gone through surgery, or had a loss of some type, what did you need? Did you receive it? Did you need something that we didn’t provide?

I must say that I have been the recipient of the kindness of my church family and several of those Caring Ministries. When I had a serious, life threatening accident in late 2006, and also when I went through breast cancer twice, I received many, many cards and I also knew I had the prayerful support of my Trinity Tower family. So, I am NOT being critical of what we are presently doing. We do a lot; I just want us to consider what we can do better. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate.

With Love and prayers,

Cheryl Little

Coordinator of the Shepherds

Caring Ministries Services
Service Contact
Care Teddy Bears Nancy Busch
Card Ministry Church Office, Cheryl Little
Daffodils Days – April Irene Altman
Home Touch Mailing Pat Bond
Personal Visits Irene Altman
Phone calls, Questions Cheryl Little
Pillow Ministry Kathi Bukva
Prayer Shawls Lois Fenton, Pat Bond
Prayer Chain Dorothy Highberger
Prayer Team Email Nancy Stevens
Sunday Worship Announcements Jeanette Matthews
Teddy Bear Ministry Cathy Drago
Welcoming Visitors Jim Slopey, Dara Ketterer