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As a lay servant in the Methodist Church, one is required to participate in continuing education classes periodically. I recently participated in an online class in order to meet this requirement. We read and studied and then were ask to write responding to a variety of prompts. Following is my response to one of those prompts.

What is involved in Holy Living?

I think that one step in living a holy life is to be constantly aware of God’s presence. To look for him in all we see and do. To be mindful of those “God moments” which happen to us every day. By keeping Him constantly in the forefront of our life, we are taking the first step toward living a Holy life.

Secondly, would be to be in prayer and having conversation with God every day. Say “thank you” for our blessings both large and small every day, seek his guidance and listen to his response, and look to him for comfort, turn to him for all things.

Thirdly, read and study. This includes, of course, the Bible. But also should include other books and avenues of learning and growing spiritually; as well as having conversations with other Christians as well as non-Christians. Conversations with both of these groups can help us to form and develop our understanding as well as give us the opportunity to spread the word of the Lord to those non-believers.

Fourth would be to look deeply into ourselves to try to get to know our innermost thoughts and feelings. For example, it is one thing to say “I am not a prejudiced person”, but on reflection we might find that, to our amazement, we just might be. We need to explore ourselves to uncover our flaws as well as our strengths. God, I believe, wants us to work on ourselves so that we can be better disciples for Him.

Fifth, would be to learn to be more tolerant of others; to be less judgmental; to be more forgiving; to learn to love and accept ALL people no matter what their differences might be — just as Jesus loved and accepted ALL. We are all different. We may not be able to understand those differences; but we must all learn to accept others as they are, no matter what they are and to not pass judgment because of those differences. By passing judgment, we are not following God’s word as stated in Luke 6:37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

In closing, living a holy life is work. It takes time, it must be consistent, and our commitment must be renewed from time to time. We must keep the goal of eternity with God in mind constantly as our motivator to live a holy life here on earth.

Jeannette Matthews

Lay Servant, TTUMC

With Love and prayers,

Cheryl Little

Coordinator of the Shepherds

Prayer Basket Ministry

At a recent meeting of the Shepherds, it was decided to embrace a new ministry. Many of you are already aware of the Prayer Baskets that have been prepared and given to several of our members experiencing health problems. Thank you to those who have contributed in the past. It is very much appreciated.

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