Outreach Council

Outreach Giving in November

The November “Raining Pennies from Heaven” Calendar is included in this newsletter. It is a
way to be mindful and grateful to God for all our blessings and to give out of our abundance.
Each day, thank God for the listed item(s) and then count up items in your home and determine
the amount of money to give that day. Collection containers are available in the narthex. At the
end of the month, bring you donation to church; you can bring it as is, or convert it to a check
made out to TTUMC, with a notation of Outreach November Calendar. All donations will go to
UMCOR – United Methodist Committee on Relief, which is currently ministering to the people
in the disaster areas.

Thank you for your generosity!                     
The Outreach Committee

Raining Pennies From Heaven For Hurricane Relief
November Thanksgiving Calendar

During the month of November, we are remembering all the things we’ve been blessed with that the people living in the paths of the hurricanes (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia) and fires (California). We want to thank God for these blessings and give of our riches to help them. The donations from this giving calendar will be given to hurricane disaster relief through UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief).

Date Give thanks for: Give:
Thu, 11/1 The food in your pantry 1 penny for every can or box of food
Fri, 11/2 A car to drive $1.00 for each of your cars
Sat, 11/3 Electricity that gives you light 10 cents for every lamp in your home
Sun, 11/4 Shoes that protect your feet 25 cents for each pair of sneakers
Mon, 11/5 A bed to sleep in 50 cents for each bed
Tue, 11/6 Phones that keep us connected 25 cents for every home phone and cell phone in the family
Wed, 11/7 A comfortable place to sit 5 cents for every chair (not couches)
Thu, 11/8 Access to dental care 10 cents for every toothbrush
Fri, 11/9 Clean, safe water to drink 2 pennies for every drinking glass
Sat, 11/10 Electricity that runs appliances 25 cents for each appliance (not TVs)
Sun, 11/11 Comfortable pillows to rest your head 10 cents for every bed pillow
Mon, 11/12 Relaxing outdoor places to sit 50 cents for each porch, deck, and patio
Tue, 11/13 Walls that hold your house up and protect you 5 cents for each thing hanging on your walls (1st floor walls)
Wed, 11/14 The ability to buy fresh produce 20 cents for each type of fruit you have
Thu, 11/15 A way to access the news and weather $1.00 for each TV
Fri, 11/16 Footwear that can help dress you up 10 cents for each pair of shoes (not sneakers)
Sat, 11/17 The ability to be protected from the weather 20 cents for every window on your 2nd floor (or 1st if a one-story house)
Sun, 11/18 Place to invite friends to sit and chat 25 cents for every couch
Mon, 11/19 Working plumbing 50 cents for each bathroom
Tue, 11/20 Protection from the weather when you go out 5 cents for every coat/jacket
Wed, 11/21 The option to eat out at a variety of places 10 cents for every time you ate out this week
Thu, 11/22 Technology that connects us to the world $1.00 for each computer and iPad
Fri, 11/23 The ability to turn on a faucet to clean dishes, hands 25 cents for each faucet inside and outside your home
Sat, 11/24 The blessing of being able to fill our closets with clothes, etc. 10 cents for each closet
Sun, 11/25 We have the kitchenware to cook meals 5 cents for each pot and pan
Mon, 11/26 Being able to see the blessings around us 20 cents for each pair of glasses and sunglasses
Tue, 11/27 Wood or carpeted floors to walk on 75 cents per vacuum cleaner
Wed, 11/28 The joy of knowing God created us just as we are 50 cents for each mirror
Thu, 11/29 The ability to exercise at home $1.00 for each piece of exercise equipment
Fri, 11/30 Each day we are able to wake up, love God, and serve Him 40 cents for each calendar in your home

Do not forget to do good and to share with others for with such sacrifices God is pleased.
— Hebrews 13:16

Let us not become weary of doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we
do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people.
— Galatians 6:9-10