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Foster Parents Change Lives!

It’s easy to take your home for granted. But for the 400,000 children in foster care in the United States, they know first-hand what they are missing.

Adoption Connection, PA is a non-profit adoption and foster care agency. We work with adoptive and foster families, children and birth parents. It is our mission to provide a hope and a future for children and families and we need your help. Some children in foster care will be reunited with their birth parents while over 107,918 are waiting for a permanent home but all need the support of the community and a family connection. Families that are willing to be a resource for a child who is in need of a nurturing, stable, safe home so they can heal and grow.

Unfortunately, these stats are on the rise due to the opiate epidemic in the US and foster homes are in even more demand. There is a huge need for good foster parents. Please consider opening your heart and your home to a child in need. Without a family or a dependable adult to rely on for assistance, these young people are at high risk for homelessness, joblessness, illness, incarceration, welfare dependent, early child bearing and sexual and physical victimization.

Prayerfully consider what your role in child’s life could be. Adoption Connection, PA offers a free consultation which is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the foster care process. We look forward to hearing from you! Foster parents can change lives.

Adoption Connection, PA (724) 371-0671

Missions and Outreach Feature: The Neighborhood Academy

Congratulations to 2018 graduating class for accomplishing another year of 100% college acceptance! The top-rated schools in Pittsburgh do not have the same bragging rights as The Neighborhood Academy! A private school located in Garfield, The Neighborhood Academy’s goal is to break the poverty cycle with education. Students from all over Pittsburgh (including Penn Hills) have walked through and exited the doors of The Neighborhood Academy with a high school diploma and an acceptance letter to college.

To attend The Neighborhood Academy, the student and his/her family must be committed. The student’s family is required to be involved with the education process by volunteering at school. In addition to the time commitment, there is a monetary commitment. The monthly tuition ranges from $50 upwards of $400 based upon income. That tuition provides the student with 3 meals a day, 2 snacks, transportation, summer programs, and a “safe place” from 7:00 am until about 7:00 p.m. The school day does not run 12 hours; those additional hours include meal times, after-school activities, athletics, study hall, tutoring, etc.

The Neighborhood Academy currently consists of grades 8 through 12, but is expanding their facility to include 6th and 7th grade boys. There have been small class sizes over the years, with a 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio. This year, there were 10 graduates with 3 heading to Slippery Rock University, 3 to Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1 to Allegheny College, 1 going to Robert Morris University, 1 to Denison University, and the final graduate heading to the University of Pittsburgh Greensburg in the Fall.

The Neighborhood Academy was one of the organizations that was a prayer focus during Lent, and we/Trinity Tower Church (through Missions and Outreach) collected school supplies for them on the second Sunday of Lent. The Neighborhood Academy has always been grateful for all the donations that we have delivered to them over the years. Through Missions and Outreach and with Cathy Drago’s personal support, we have delivered cases of water and individual snacks on a monthly basis. In the past, we had supported their graduation by buying a cake, cookies and punch for graduation. More recently, we have been supporting them by buying items from their “wish list,” such as a scale (for their Science class), a graphing calculator (of course for Math class), and art supplies.

To learn more about The Neighborhood Academy, visit their website: www.theneighborhoodacademy.org

To find their wish list, click the “Support” drop-down menu across the top and then click “Wish List.”